Bio - jussi oksanen

You might know me as a professional snowboarder --  my life for 18 years. What you might not know is that from my early days representing Finland in the Olympics to my years of X-Games, U.S Opens,  filming for movies deep in the backcountry and insane global travel, I never stopped documenting my journeys through my lens.

In 2008 I co-founded Mizu (, a company committed to reducing single-use products. What started out as a concept to create a product cool enough to get our friends to switch to reusable became a global brand with an extensive product line and a strong identity.I took the decision to retire from professional sports in 2015 and focus on developing the visual content for Mizu. Since then, I have worked to create a brand identity that reflects the true roots of the company: a life inspired by every-day adventure. I realized I'd found my new "thing"... Helping brands tell their stories through authentic real-life photography. 

Sometimes people ask me if I miss snowboarding for a day job. Truthfully? No. When I was snowboarding it was always about the adventure, but now I get to explore, scout locations, and do my crazy shit without having to jump off 30 foot cliffs. 

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